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M460uc Zapper Max Outdoor Rat Trap

M460uc Zapper Max Outdoor Rat Trap

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This electronic trap is a power tool to defend your home from mice and rats. It is the first of its kind to be powerful and durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions, due to its rugged, weather-resistant design, giving you complete control over your homes protection. The Zapper Max delivers a humane, high-voltage shock that effectively eliminates mice and rats without the use of poisons or toxins. Additional features include two locks on the front of the trap as well as tunnel baffles that keep mice inside the trap while keeping small hands, fingers, and paws out. The removable bait cup attracts mice but does not allow them to eat it, reducing the need to replace the bait as often. Designed with rodent travel habits in mind, the dual-entry tunnels encourage rodents to interact with the trap, increasing the chances of a catch. The trap allows you to catch one mouse per entry point and there are two ways in which the trap can alert you to a catch. A blinking LED light will alert you of a kill and the clear lid allows you to see inside. The trap requires 4 AA lithium batteries which can power the trap for up to three years.

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