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M5 Flasher System

M5 Flasher System

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Get real time readings and results with the M5 Ice Fishing Flasher System. Already a leader in the industry, the M5 Flasher is the most advanced Series has ever built with patented MBC (Maximum Brightness & Clarity) Lighting, Dual Beam ice transducer, infinitely adjustable zoom and razor-sharp .75 inch target separation. Along with preselected depth ranges from 20 to 120 , you ll be able to tell when you need to pucker before that bluegill kisses your ice jig. Patented MBC Brushless lighting sonar offers a dazzlingly bright display Dual beam ice transducer for detail in either a narrow or wide beam 12 step interference rejection eliminates the noise of other sonar units Infinitely adjustable zoom closes in on the bottom for in-depth detail Use selectable depth ranges from 20 to 120 8 transducer cable gets you down below the ice for a clear signal Includes 12-volt 9-amp battery, 3-stage charger and deluxe padded red soft pack Order today!

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