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M76 Ultra-Portable Wireless Battery-Powered Projector

M76 Ultra-Portable Wireless Battery-Powered Projector

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Ultra-portable and lightweight, the M76 weighs just 8 ounces, making it easy to take it on the go The M76 is a compact yet powerful projector that is perfect for all your entertainment needs, whether it be a movie night with friends and family, an outdoor event, or impromptu video content. The built-in WIFI feature allows for easy connection of your smartphone or tablet, making it a seamless experience to watch all your favorite videos on a larger screen. The M76 also allows you to share your videos and photos with friends and family, making it an ideal device for group entertainment. With its portability and versatility, the M76 can be taken anywhere, making it the perfect companion for movie nights, outdoor events, and impromptu videos.Please note that while copyrighted content from streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix cannot be mirrored or screencast, it still provides a great way to enjoy your own personal media collections.

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