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M80 Electric Guitar Sleeve Black

M80 Electric Guitar Sleeve Black

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The Sleeve Bass Guitar Case is designed to be a minimalist solution for traveling light and simple, and it is where MONOs innovative protection and high quality construction standards are merged into a super slim and stylish design. 360° PROTECTION Like the Vertigo, the Sleeve Bass Guitar Case is Top-Loading for quick, stand-up access. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your bass out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unzipped, the case naturally opens out and to the right. No need to lay the case down on the floor. Easy access. The Sleeve Bass Guitar Case features a slimmer variation of the Headlock — MONOs patented neck suspension system. This slimmer Headlock is molded from solid, shock-absorbing EVA rubber to protect the neck and headstock from impact during falls. When your bass is zipped-in, its neck is automatically secured inside the Headlocks contoured groove. At the bottom, the case features a super slim EVA insole to keep the body off the ground and protect the strap pin from bottoming-out when the case is put down too hard.

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