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Mack Granite Cattle Transport With 1 Cow

Mack Granite Cattle Transport With 1 Cow

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MACK is at the forefront of creating versatile and powerful trucks that can adapt to any job site it is hired to. This truck is very influential in the world and any bworld figure can hop into their trucks for a ride. This truck has a version for all of the themes including agriculture, farming, construction, police and fire and many, many more! This fact transports the imagination of children who play. For this agriculture themed truck, 1 cow is included with realistic features. The MACK truck has its own features that make it unique as well including shatter-proof windows, steering from the cab and doors that open and mirrors that swivel. The cattle compartment container trailer can be removed and stood on support beams and has a ramp that the cow can walk up on to get in. This MACK Granite Cattle Truck will transport the imagination of children who play, hence their slogan, just like the real thing .

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