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Magic Sealant, 290ml/9.8oz Tube, Tan

Magic Sealant, 290ml/9.8oz Tube, Tan

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A sea and chlorine resistant glue, Underwater Magic makes short work of any project in, around and under water. Unaffected by UV light and weathering, it also brushes off Aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis with ease. It is also free of odor, Oxime – acetic acid – isocynate, solvents and silicone, and full of abrasion resistance. It can even handle short exposures to temperatures as low as -40*F, and high as 194*F. If that werent enough, its even safe to use in areas close to food. Applications Indoor and outdoor pools Fixing and replacement of tiles Fixing or replacement of joints at pools edge Piping and building armatures Insulation technology Repair in and around wet areas Maintenance in and around wet areas Note: This product is not compatible with vinyl.

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