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Magnetic Building Block Race Track Series 128 Piece Set

Magnetic Building Block Race Track Series 128 Piece Set

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Inspire your youngsters to become architectural prodigies or speed demons. Featuring 150 pieces of track tiles, 2-way splits, speed bumps, curves, columns, slopes, and traffic signs, this building set provides endless fun for your little one while encouraging early child development and learning through play. With magnetized edges, the colorful pieces can be arranged and rearranged any way your little engineer desires. Made from lead-free and BPA-free plastic, this educational toy set is safe for young ones ages 3 and up. The building is only half the fun. Let your child zoom around the track of their own creation or abide by traffic laws with 3 battery-powered LED cars. This building block set is a great introduction to STEM and promotes problem-solving and fine motor skills. When playtime is over, easily store your tiles in the box and pack them away for future use.

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