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Magnetic Foam Building Blocks Stem Preschool Toys 100 Piece Set

Magnetic Foam Building Blocks Stem Preschool Toys 100 Piece Set

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Blockaroo are foam building blocks with integrated magnets. This allows the various building blocks to be connected to each other on several sides. The simple Blockaroo connection system allows even the smallest builders to build their first own constructions. This set contains everything children need to build their own creations, whether towers, boats, airplanes or other large objects that spring from their own imagination. The building blocks never repel each other and thus create endless play possibilities. The non-toxic magnetic foam blocks also rotate 360 degrees when connected and make a clicking sound as they rotate, providing even more opportunities for interactive and creative fun. Blockaroos are also a STEM (STEM) toy that will grow with your child. They teach important early STEM (STEM) skills like counting, sorting and stacking for toddlers while stimulating tactile and sensory development. When children are a little older, they encourage technical and creative thinking skills. Blockaroo bricks also promote socialization and teamwork. They have been developed by teachers and tested for safety to exceed even the highest international toy standards.

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