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Magnetic Therapy Neck Wraps - 12,300 Gauss Per Magnet

Magnetic Therapy Neck Wraps - 12,300 Gauss Per Magnet

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Thoracic neck wrap covers lower cervical area and upper back. Contains (20) 1/2Ultra-high-output Neodymium magnets (range up to 12,300 gauss per magnet). Soft breathable, light-weight Micromesh fabric with Velcro closure. Can be worn comfortably all day providing constant relief from discomfort. Pads are constructed of soft, durable woven fabric with Velcro backing. The magnetic pad is flexible and will conform to body contours. Non-Invasive alternative therapy. Unique design offers the flexibility of moving or removing magnetic pad for exact placement or use in other areas. This feature also allows the wrap to be laundered without damage to the magnets.

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