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Maintenance Change Kit Sportsman 570

Maintenance Change Kit Sportsman 570

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Brand: Polaris Part Number: FKOCK10611 Previous/Subbed Part Numbers: 7082101, 7080595, 2 Quarts of Polaris PS-4 Full Synthetic Oil Number 2876244 Polaris PS-4 provides maximum protection for your ATV and snowmobile engine and transmission components. 5W-50 viscosity grade recommended for use in ambient temperatures of -40F to 100F. Formerly PS-4 PLUS, same full synthetic, all-season formula. Engineering approved for Polaris 4-cycle engines Maximum engine protection in cold & hot conditions Industry-leading viscosity range Extends gear life 1 of Polaris Oil Filter PartNumber 2520799 1 Quart of Polaris AGL - Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid Number2878068 Formerly AGL PLUS, same high performance formulation. Friction reducing formulation, extreme pressure film protection for severe operating temperatures. Provides shock protection while minimizing chain and gear wear. Prevents rust, oxidation, foam and corrosion of internal ATV transmission components. 1 Quart of Polaris All Terrain Demand Drive Fluid Number2877922 For hub and centralized hilliard clutches. Formerly Demand Drive Plus, same high performance formulation. Formulated for lubricity, corrosion and oxidation protection in all operating conditions, including extreme temperatures and high speed operation. Designed for this unique application where positive engagement & release are required Not designed to replace Angle Drive Fluid 1 of Polaris Air Filter PartNumber 7082101 1 of NGK Spark Plugs PartNumber 3022662 1 Paper Funnel

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