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Makaha Reader Sunglasses Tortoise

Makaha Reader Sunglasses Tortoise

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Its said that Makaha was a chief so handsome that Ke Anuenue, the goddess of rain, became smitten with him and blessed his valley with double rainbows. Like the legend theyre named for, the Makaha rimless frames come with lenses so clear and vibrant that everything you see will be just as beautiful. As readers, they feature an almost invisible bifocal that is encased in polycarbonate and positioned to optimize distance views, while giving you near power when you need it. The Asian Fit polarized sunglasses are designed especially for those with beautifully high cheekbones, wider faces and lower nose bridges. If your glasses tend to slip forward, slide down your face, pinch your temples, or even if you experience lens fogging, these styles are designed for you. Flatter and wider frame fronts, built-up & robust nose pads, longer temples, and lighter-weight frame and lens materials will give the fit you need in the styles you love.

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