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Maker Select 3d Printer V2 With Uk Power Supply

Maker Select 3d Printer V2 With Uk Power Supply

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If you re ready to take your ideas and designs from paper or CAD file to the next level, the MAKER SELECT 3D Printer is the perfect starter solution for your needs! Unlike kit‐based printers, which require a certain level of knowledge, experience, and time to assemble, the MAKER SELECT 3D Printer is assembled using only 6 screws and includes everything you need tobegin printing right out of the box. It has the ability to print any type of 3D filament and has a price point lower than most DIY kits, making it the best in class choice for your 3D printing needs. Preloaded with Printable 3D Models Includes Sample PLA Filament Ready to Print in 10 Minutes! Print Now: Unlike DIY kits, this printer comes almost fully assembled, requiring just 4 screws to secure the frame to the base and 2 screws to attach the filament holder. Additionally, the printer comes with everything you need, including sample PLA filament and a microSD card with sample 3D model files, ready to print! Compatible Software: With the ability to use both open‐source and commercial software, such as Cura, Repetier, or Simplify 3D, the MAKER SELECT 3D Printer is compatible with Windows , macOS , and Linux . Large Volume: The large 8x 8build plate and generous 7vertical spacing means that you can print larger, more complex models. At less than the price of new gaming console, give the gift of learning and creativity this year! Maker Select 3D Printer (13860) Includes 4GB microSD card preloaded with printable 3D models out of the box Includes sample PLA filament so you can print right out of the box Heated build plate allows for high‐reliab

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