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Mandarin Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder - Clear

Mandarin Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder - Clear

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Prepare your backyard for flocks of wild birds. With the Sky Cafe Wild Bird Feeder get your backyard feeling like an aviary and celebrate your neighborhood s birds. Don t skimp on capacity when feeding nature s finest. With this hanging outdoor tray bird feeder support up to 10 birds at once and fill your feeder with up to 9 pounds of seeds or peanuts. Made to meet your needs and provide your backyard garden with versatility this plexiglass feeder can be mounted or hung as needed. Measuring at 17 inches long 9.25 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall you will have no trouble fitting this wild bird essential into your backyard. No matter which friendly faces pass through your outdoor spaces this bird feeder is made to accommodate. Some birds that you can expect to see include chickadees finches cardinals tufted titmice downy woodpeckers and more. Make sure the birds always have plenty of food and rely on the squirrel-proof dome to keep their dinner secure. Give the local birds a reason to visit your backyard and find a great seat to watch them eat with the Sky Cafe Wild Bird Feeder.

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