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Mark Commercial Mop Bucket With Wringer (36 Qt)

Mark Commercial Mop Bucket With Wringer (36 Qt)

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The Member s Mark Commercial Mop Bucket 36 Qt. with Wringer is designed for commercial and industrial applications where durable cleaning tools are essential to high-volume work. Function and ease of use are incorporated into the bucket design for a more comfortable cleaning experience, especially during extended use. What are the features of this commercial mop bucket? Our Member s Mark Commercial 38-Quart Mop Bucket offers a large-capacity design with a comfortable, easy-to-grip wringing handle and a mop handle rest. A sturdy, solid body and the heavy-duty steel wringer arm ensure durability for demanding cleaning applications. This 38-quart mop bucket is an ideal cleaning tool for schools, offices, restaurants and other industrial or commercial applications. How does this mop bucket make mopping easier? Our 36-quart mop bucket is made with easy-to-read fill lines (in gallons and liters) and supportive lift assist grips, making cleaning jobs more comfortable, from start to finish. Non-marking rust-free swivel casters help smoothly transport the mop bucket from room to room as needed, without tipping or spilling. The comfortable mop bucket handle is blue for easy visibility.

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