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Mark Ii 25 Manometer,U Inclined

Mark Ii 25 Manometer,U Inclined

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Manometers by . Details:The Mark II 25 inclined differential manometer with red gauge fluid has a 0 to 3 inH2O measuring range, built in zero level and molded plastic case for monitoring air velocity and air filter performance, and taking pressure measurements above and below atmospheric pressure. Red gauge fluid is freeze-proof and has lower evaporation rate for use in cold environments, and produces expanded scale viewing for improved reading resolution. The built-in zero level provides linear calibration. The manometer has a styrene-acrylonitrile housing, indicating tube, and fluid wells for strength and durability. The molded ABS knobs and zero adjust plunger and shock-mounted glass level vial are wear-resistant. Leakproof O-ring seals and overflow tank reduce the risk of fluid loss. Scales are lithograph printed on aluminum to ease reading, and are epoxy coated to protect against wear. The manometer can be mounted on any vertical surface.

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