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Markhof Pro V3 Gloves (Extra-Large)

Markhof Pro V3 Gloves (Extra-Large)

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The Markhof Pro V3 Glove is the next generation of our versatile take everywhere functional and stylish Photography Glove. Creating a warm and fitted glove with an excellent camera feel, the V3 has everything you would expect from a great photography glove. From the streets to the peaks, the Markhof Pro V3 continues to be a fan favorite. Insulation Improvements Thinsulate C70 on the front of the hand and C100 on the back. (Markhof Pro 2.0 had C40 all the way around). The update in insulation has improved warmth with an unnoticeable change in dexterity. True Suede Lens wipe DWR goat leather suede wipe instead of a faux Nubuck. Zipper update Waterproofed zipper with a matt finish and an easy-slide slider. Updated Tripod Key Reduced size and made solid / more robust. Finishing of the Flip-tech fingers Openings are piped with Lycra, ensuring a smooth finish. Flip-tech update Improved design to keep the gaps closed Updated Magnets Stronger magnets keeping the caps held back once and for all.

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