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Martin 147-114-5086 Brookfield Linen Cabinet Warm Cherry

Martin 147-114-5086 Brookfield Linen Cabinet Warm Cherry

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James Martin follows all the latest technological advances to make sure they give you the highest quality product at a best possible price. Bathroom vanities are one of the most challenging pieces of furniture produced today. Elevated humidity levels and heavy use, require use of very best materials and most advanced finishing techniques available today. All of thier vanities use Kiln-dried selected hardwoods. All wood is properly dried to prevent warping and cracking. All of the wooden vanities use framed type construction. This ensures stability and unsurpassed durability for many years to come. They do not produce knock down or flat pack type of cabinets that are joined with bolts and staples. All vanities have properly sealed finish to prevent peeling and fading in elevated humidity levels. Multi layer 12 step hand glaze finish to prevent pealing, cracking, fading. All hand-made and finished. Solid kiln-dried grade A hardwood. Materials include white poplar and plywood.

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