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Marvel Wolverine Men's Costume

Marvel Wolverine Men's Costume

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The X Factor When Magneto and the Brotherhood are running around causing trouble there s only one team that can put a stop to their anti-human plans. While Cyclopes is the leader of this elite mutant hero squad, there is one member of the team that always stands out. The mighty and ferocious Wolverine! Now you can take on this heroic role for Halloween when you grab this Premium Men s Wolverine Costume. Logan has finally broke free from the comic book pages and clawed his way into our plane of reality. The Juggernaut, Lady Deathstrike, and even that horribly hairy Sabertooth might show up. Just play it cool. Maybe, with the holiday and all, they ll play nice. Of course, if they don t, you can always send them running back to the comics with their tails between their legs with a classic SNIKT! Clawing Out The Details This jumpsuit costume has been designed to be as comic book-accurate as possible. From the color scheme to the soft-sculpted muscles, not a single element is missing. Even the claws are included, so you can skip the whole Weapon-X treatment. The mask will cover your head, only leaving your nose, mouth, and chin exposed. Of course, there are openings for your eyes as well which allow full visibility. With the blue boots and gloves included as well this officially licensed costume will completely transform you into your favorite Marvel Mutant. Minus the Adamantium skeleton, of course.

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