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Maschine Mikro Mk3

Maschine Mikro Mk3

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Maschine Mikro is the perfect first step for music producers already using a DAW to get hands on with their creative process, letting them tap out beats and melodies, and quickly build loops and track ideas. Maschine offers tactile control for sampling, slicing, performing, and more. Dedicated group buttons, master encoder and display knobs auto-map to instrument parameters. Assign colors to groups, sounds, patterns for easy recognition. The larger pads create more room for complex moves like flams and rolls. The pads are now more sensitive to lighter touches. The center-to-center distance is exactly the same so your muscle memory and workflow don?? t have to change. The powerful Maschine 2 software now includes a tag-based visual browser, unlimited groups and insert effects, sidechaining, and an intuitive mixer for finishing your tracks. There s also a new UI, and full multi-core support.

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