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Mason Series Selena Planter Set Of: 1, Color: White

Mason Series Selena Planter Set Of: 1, Color: White

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Smooth, curved edges with a subtle textured finish makes the Selena Planter stand tall with elegance in any front porch, patio or living room. Complemented by its modern appearance, the Selena is thoughtfully curated with functionality in mindeasily switch out tall plants, trees or flowers and prevent overwatering with the removable insert shelf and pre-drilled drainage holes. This sturdy yet lightweight planter is proudly crafted in Canada from a patented plastic-stone composite, making it resistant to cracks, fading and UV and allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to +120 degrees. With the perfect balance of design, structure and purpose, the Selena will add the finishing touches to create a grand statement indoor or outdoor.

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