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Mass Air Flow Sensor - Bosch 0280218088

Mass Air Flow Sensor - Bosch 0280218088

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Bosch is an original equipment global leader in mass air flow technology. Bosch OE Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors ensure low levels of harmful emissions with greater fuel efficiency (up to 20% better!) and improved engine performance. Bosch s extensive OE experience and superior technology provides the correct function and calibration to match vehicle requirements, ensuring trouble-free operation and emissions compliance. All Bosch MAF sensors are 100% new - not remanufactured - ensuring highest quality and longest life. Bosch OE MAF sensors feature a patented design that increases robustness against water and particulate contamination, reduces sensor drift, and lowers pressure drop. Sensor and housing are calibrated and sold together, ensuring precise sensor readings, optimal engine performance, and simple installation that takes only minutes. Long recognized as an industry leader in ignition and fuel systems, Bosch s quality, innovation, and experience are the foundation of the entire line of engine management components.

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