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Massager Necklace | Wellness Tech | Necklaces For Women

Massager Necklace | Wellness Tech | Necklaces For Women

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When it comes to self-care, calm and soothing is fundamental. But self-love isn t always about powering down. Sometimes a lady needs to rev up. An elegant piece of jewelry and a strong, slim vibrator, this subtly sexy piece of wearable tech is surprisingly powerful, with four speeds in two modes. Made of 24k gold- or silver-plated stainless steel, and with a whisper-quiet motor, it s discreet without being apologetic. Keep it as your own playful secret, or wear it as a signal to your partner(s) that fun lies ahead. Charges quickly via USB with a custom cable (included); full charge gives 40 minutes runtime. Designed in San Francisco, California. Made in China.

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